Actress, Yogi, &
Cancer Wellness Warrior

Cancer Wellness Warrior

I Saved My Own Life with a Test.

You know that voice we all have, and sometimes listen to? Well, mine told me to get the BRCA Gene Test. Many of my family members had tested positive, and I had never been tested.  The results came back, and I tested positive. To really stack the deck, I already had cancer and no idea.

I had to Make an Instant Change.

So, I really started loving myself. I was dealing with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and I needed to bring out the big LOVE.  

Love, Organic Food & Overall Self -Care are my Preferred Weapons.

One minute I was heading to an audition and & the next talking to a nurse telling me  I had breast cancer. My entire world stopped.  I instantly dropped everything that I use to think was important, and knew I had one new goal. It was to survive. I stopped going to acting class and auditions and started  talking to doctors, reading online blogs, wellness books, and most importantly talking to other cancer patients.  

I created a Restore Me Yoga Video

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